As parents, this is one of the things that has been consuming our thoughts since the pandemic began. Will our kids be able to go back to school in the fall and, if they do, what will that look like.

Well, in just a couple short days we have learned quite a bit about the matter. As it turns out, Maine's Catholic schools are planning on opening and operating as normal at regular capacity. In Lewiston, the superintendent has just rolled out their plan as well. Lewiston schools will be giving parents and students the choice of whether or not to physically return in the fall or to stay home and continue remote learning.

One of the best aspects of this new plan from Lewiston is that no matter which option students and parents decide is right for them, it still allows for that choice to be changed at any time. According to WGME 13, if a student starts the year at school, but then circumstances change for them, they can reevaluate the decision and switch back to remote learning.

Another third option, that hasn't been made official yet, will be a combination of physically coming to school a few days and remote learning a few days, sort of a hybrid of options 1 and 2.

The school says that families can make their decisions in August as to what they will be doing for the upcoming 20/21 school year. But again, if they feel at anytime that their choice wasn't the right one for them, they retain the ability to change it.

Lewiston Schools also said they will follow guidelines from the Department of Education on recommended protocols for student safety, That could mean anything from social distancing to wearing masks. No word yet on whether staff mask wearing will be mandatory or not.

We will keep you updated as Maine school systems begin to formulate their plans for the upcoming school year.

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