According to the Kennebec Journal, following in the footsteps of the Windsor fair, both the Litchfield and Monmouth fairs have opted to forgo their 2020 season in light of coronavirus restrictions.

Though the fairs have both indicated they plan to make a strong return in 2021, it doesn't replace the sadness felt by thousands of Central Mainers.

For years, these local agricultural fairs have been traditional summer stomping grounds for many Mainers and their families. A place where family and friends can come together and enjoy the smell of french fry stands, the sounds of dough boys deep frying and the thrill of the carnival rides.

Central Maine fairgrounds will fall silent this season with sounds of diesel truck pulls being replaced by crickets and rolling empty winds.

All we can hope is that progress is made both medically and socially and this virus begins to be stomped out of our lives permanently. As hundreds of Maine businesses have already announced their permanent closure, the cancellation of Maine fairs is just another crushing blow to the way life really should be here in Maine.

We're not meant to be cooped up in our house through the summer and fall months. This is Maine, we're meant to be outside.

Screw you, covid-19.

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