According to the KJ, a concert promoter has approached the town of Litchfield about hosting a 4 day music festival at a 170 acre hay farm located on Small Road.  The promoter told the town the festival could draw between 10,000 and 15,000 people.

With groups that large there would be a host of logistical concerns including sanitation, fresh water, and security.  While the state of Maine has its own mass gathering permit process, individual municipalities are able to set their own rules.  As a result, for the last few weeks, the Litchfield Mass Gathering Ordinance Committee has been holding meetings at the town office to ensure all of the town's needs are covered.  When they're finished, they'll present their findings to the Board of Selectmen for review.

The next meeting is at 6:30 on Tuesday (December 3rd) evening.


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