2nd Annual Oakfest Celebration In Oakland
Last year, Oakland, Maine conjured up some pride and decided they would put into place a new tradition. Oak Fest is a celebration to bring the community of Oakland together with the spirit of the small town!
Friday, July 22nd will be the date of the parade followed by a street dance un…
Moxie Festival This Weekend In Lisbon
Moxie, it's a Maine thing, to be more precise, it's a Lisbon, Maine thing. The famous bubbly beverage in the bright orange cans is an acquired taste. The annual Moxie Festival is going on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout Lisbon and Lisbon Falls.
Fiddlehead Festival In Farmington This Saturday
It's an acquired taste and it looks like many Mainers love fiddleheads, because they have their own festival! Fiddlehead lovers will want to make the trek to Farmington this Saturday for the 5th Annual Fiddlehead Festival and local food day.

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