I just got back from doing a live broadcast at Red Robin at the Marketplace at Augusta. First I want to thank the staff for setting me up with fries and soda while I was there. You guys are totally awesome. We were there for the Augusta Salvation Army Angel Tree campaign.

I think sometimes many of us forget how fortunate we are, at least I do often do. We get caught up in our lives and get worked up about really insignificant problems, or as I’ve seen on facebook stated, 'first world problems' like forgetting to set the DVR, getting irritated when I have to pay for car repairs or long lines at the fast food drive thru. Let’s not forget that there are families out there in our own neighborhoods who will go without or get very little this holiday season. So please, when you see a red kettle or an Angel Tree do what you can to help. The gifts on the tags aren’t excessive. Kids want matchbox cars, books, board games, dolls, etc. Some even are putting clothes down. Clothes are a necessity not in my opinion a gift. (unless it's designer jeans, expensive shoes, etc) It breaks my heart to see mittens listed as a gift. Gifts are in my mind supposed to be fun. I wish I could give more, but I do what I can by dropping some money in the kettles. Let’s try and make this a happy holiday season for all, both small children and teens.

We’ll be going to different locations at the Marketplace at Augusta all this week and some of next. Bring the gift unwrapped and have it in with the attached tag by December 13.