Most of the time, people who visit the rugged coast of Maine know what to expect: fresh air, local characters, quaint shops, great seafood, and amazing photo opportunities!

But, some people want more to do!  When those people ask the residents of Machiasport, and surrounding communities, what there is to do on the Maine coast they're often sent to the Bucks Harbor Shopping Mall.

The catch?  The "mall" is dilapidated, abandoned, red and white shack with a gravel driveway.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the joke has been going on for years.  The building, now abandoned, was opened in the 1970s as a gas station, convenience store, lunch counter.  The kind of place where all the hard working locals would gather before going off to their jobs.

The "mall" closed within the last few years, but there's no word on what will happen with the building.  In the meantime, locals will continue to use it to prank tourists.

If you've never been to that part of our state, this drone video gives you a good look at how beautiful it is: