A 5-year-old Maine boy was taken to the hospital and treated for what are being considered 'serious' puncture wounds to his back and his butt after being attacked by a neighbor's German Shepherd on Tuesday, according to WMTW.

The news station is reporting that the incident, which happened in Buckfield, resulted in the owner of the dog receiving a summons, a future court date, and being ordered to keep her dog on a leash and muzzled when out side the home.

The owner of the dog, who has children of her own, Danielle Patire, says that the 5-year-old-boy, Chase Perri, startled her dog and that's what led to the dog biting him. The boy's parents tell the news station that because of the attack, Chase is now afraid to play in his own yard.

It wasn't made clear in the news story if the attack happened in the neighbor's yard or in the boy's yard.

The 5-year-old boy's dad, Josh Perri, told WMTW in part,

"He got him right in the butt — I saw that and that's when I hollered, I started screaming and hollering hit the dog. If I hadn't been here, he would have been either seriously, seriously injured or dead. No question about it."

Chrystal Perri, the boy's mom, told WMTW in part,

"I want the dog out of here and I want her to realize the dog is a danger to the three kids in her house."

Patire, the dog's owner, who has kids of her own,  told WMTW in part,

"The kid had ran right over to him – doing his little screeching thing – so it made [the dog] nervous and he should be leashed and that's what happens now."

WMTW followed up by asking the dog's owner if it makes her nervous having the dog in the house with her own children,

"Not even a little bit, not even a little bit. Because it's just a bad situation outside and he's not the same dog outside as he is inside. I'm not having him euthanized. I am not unless I'm court-ordered to have him euthanized."

Danielle Patrie, who is due in court this August, says she will fight the charges being brought against her.

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