In the last several years, we've reported about several fox attacks that have happened throughout Maine and New England. And, as always, we urge our audience to never engage with wild animals at close proximity.

Wild animals can pose any number of risks to the public from diseases they carry, not the least of which, of course, is rabies. Naturally not every animal that seems unusually easy to approach is rabid, but it's always better to play it on the safe side.

This morning, we learned of another scary fox attack that happened here in New England. According to an article that was published by WGME 13, a mom and her young daughter were recently attacked by a fox.

The news station is reporting that a mom and her four-year-old daughter were in their backyard in the town of Hollis, New Hampshire. The mom says that the fox came up and bit her daughter.

Following the bite the mother wrestled the fox to the ground, pinned it, and held it there for upwards of ten minutes until emergency crews could respond to the scene.

WGME says that when first responders got to the residence, they were able to euthanize the wild animal. Since then, the fox was taken to the New Hampshire lab for disease testing.

WGME reported that the girl was bitten and the mother was scratched by the fox. They were both taken to an area hospital and are expected to be okay.

Capt. Jon Tate, with the Hollis Police Department, told the news station in part,

“It's a long time, but it sounds like the mom just went into protective mode for her child. Although we wouldn't recommend it, instincts kind of took over and in this case, it worked out. Although there are wild animals everywhere, we don't get a lot of attacks. This is the first one I’ve heard of,”

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