This sounds like it could be a fun way to spend a cold Maine afternoon…the 78th annual Maine Agricultural Trades Show.  It happens January 15, 16 and 17 at the Augusta Civic Center from 9am to 5pm.   AND it is free to get in!

In the main area there are displays BUT also workshops about lots of interesting stuff if you are part of this community in regards to operating a business, products to help you, getting your products out there, labor issues and information for beginning farmers. One stop shopping for the agricultural trades (thus, the name!)

I was looking at the schedule of events for the three days....there is SO much information you really need to check out the schedule for yourself to see what is there and when.

What a fun thing to do with the kids one day, something a little different and I am positive there is something to learn no matter who you are.

Keep up to date on what is going on and other details at the event Facebook page.


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