There have been some updates concerning masks and travel.

Governor Mills has eliminated the outdoor mask mandate, and all states will be exempt from Maine’s COVID-19 travel restrictions.  

The travel restrictions have been a bit challenging even as a Mainers who did travel a few times. Unless it was travel to an exempt state, like New Hampshire, a person traveling into Maine had to go into quarantine for two weeks or have a negative test before entering the state. So for me, I had to make sure I was able to get to a clinic a day or so before I traveled to get the test. I did it, I understood, but it was a hassle, and the last time I did it…it cost me $100. According to WABI, the current policy will change on May 1 but these requirements could come back if Maine were to see a spike in cases.

As for the mask mandate in the state of Maine, Governor Mills has removed all requirements for people to wear the mask when they are outside; it is still recommended that you wear a mask in areas that are crowded and physical distancing is problematic. The masks are still being required indoors in public places. 

Nationally things have been updated regarding masks. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has new guidance on masks and vaccinated citizens.  

Governor Mills is still urging Mainers to get the vaccine.

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