One Maine daughter is asking for your help. She is crowdsourcing, connecting, and trying to do everything she can to help get her father a kidney. Amanda Snow reached out to me recently asking if I would help spread the word to help her save her fathers life.

Mike is need of a living kidney. He was born with only one kidney and has been dealing with this for his entire life. He is only 59 years young and is very hopeful that he will find a donor. His daughter wants to make sure that will happen so she is now asking for your help.

Amanda told me,

We are primarily looking for folks who might be willing to get tested/possibly willing to donate to him.

Amanda, as well as Mike's co-workers, friends, and family have all been doing everything they can to help.

A Facebook Page has been set up that has a link to the Maine Health Transplant Center where people can learn more and donate.

Amanda Snow via Facebook
Amanda Snow via Facebook

Mike has worked for the State of Maine for 32 years until early medical retirement this year. He was a housekeeper and supervisor of housekeeping for many of those years. He also worked at the Maine State Lottery, which is where he encountered and met the love of his life, Carmen.

The last years of his career had been working at the Maine State Archives.

Mike is a Mainer who has helped his fellow-man, worked hard for many years, and provided for his family.

If you are interested in helping Mike and his daughter, please visit his Facebook Page here! <

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