When it comes to getting our grocery shopping and bulk buying done in Maine, we're fortunate to have as many options as we do. Considering how sparsely populated the Pine Tree State is, it's actually pretty amazing how many options we have.

From massive corporate chains like Shaws, Hannaford, Sam's Club, Wal Mart and a slew of locally owned 'mom and pop' grocers, Maine has a vast array of options when it comes to grocery stores.

But, which one is the best?

Martijn Baudoin Via Unsplash
Martijn Baudoin Via Unsplash

As it turns out, the best grocer in the entire nation, based on customer satisfaction, only has one location in the entire state of Maine. Pretty wild, huh?

The data, which is compiled and sorted from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, or ACSI, is renewed each year to reflect any changes to the list. And now, they have come out with their finalized grocer list for 2024.

Before we tell you the number one spot on the list for 2024, let's run through some others that made the top 20 that we have in Maine.

A grocery store delivery man wearing a blue polo-shirt delivering food to a woman at home

Wal Mart made the list but came in last on the top 20 ranking with an overall score of 74. Whole Foods made the list with an overall score of 82. Target and BJ's Wholesale also got an 82 while Sam's Club got an 83.

Coming in at the very top of the list nationally, and with only one location (for now) in Maine, is Costco. The multi-billion dollar global retailer and warehouse club is in eight countries so far and had an overall score for 2024 of 85.

The Maine location, of which there's only one, is open 7 days a week and is located on Scarborough Downs Road.

With customers returning to stores—but also shopping more online—supermarkets are tasked with ensuring a satisfying, seamless experience no matter how their customers choose to shop. ACSI helps supermarkets capture the voice of the customer and apply state-of-the art predictive technology to improve customer satisfaction with the greatest impact on profitability.

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