I know it is kind of weird that a person who lives in Maine has never gone to the Maine Lobster Festival, but in my defense, I have always viewed it as a major tourist trap. I like Rockland when it is a little less busy with a whole lot less traffic. However, I am so thankful that my friend Sophie who thought to invite me this year. It definitely made my weekend a lot more interesting.
When we got to Rockland we went straight to her family friend’s boat to enjoy the day on the water. We had all the lobster and clams that we could eat as well as tons of food in general. However, before the lobster we got to watch the parade which was filled with the newly crowned Maine Sea Goddess, and a variety of bands, marching units, and more. The fair portion cost eight dollars to get in and was filled with little tent shops, food booths selling anything from clam chowder to fried Oreos and rides.
Overall even though it rained, and I got utterly soaked; I still had a wonderful time with old friends and new ones. So, I give this Maine Adventure a ten out of a ten. It was fun, clean and most importantly a family event that people of all ages could enjoy.

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