A Maine man is dead following a tragic incident that happened on Thursday morning in the Western Maine town of Andover.

According to WMTW, first responders were alerted to the situation at about 8:30 on Thursday morning.  They had received a report that a man had been crushed by a falling tree on South Maine Street in Andover.

Unfortunately, the man passed away from his injuries.

Police have released very few details about the incident.  Presumably pending the notification of loved ones, they have yet to release the identity of the deceased.

While we do not know the deceased's identity, our thoughts are still with his friends and family.

This story will be updated as we learn more...

While we are not sure what brought the tree down, as we prepare to deal with weather that could lead to falling trees, this tragedy should serve as a reminder that we need to be cautious when around trees that could be brought down by the wind.

One of the biggest dangers are zombie trees.  Those are trees that appear to be alive and healthy on the outside, but are really dead and rotting on the inside.  This makes them as prone to falling down as a visibly dead tree.

Please be safe.

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