Earlier in the week, we wrote an article about a large storm that was headed for Maine that would hit sometime during the day on Friday. With the information that we had early in the week we knew that this storm was going to provide us a good amount of rain and some strong winds that would likely cause some power outages around the state.

Now that we're a little closer to this storm being here, meteorologists around Maine are now calling for 'widespread power outages' throughout Maine on Friday. And, because nobody knows the extent of the damage that could happen, these power outages have the potential of lasting days. Be prepared.

According to WGME Meteorologist, Christian Bridges, a major storm that is set to dump loads of snow on other parts of the country is poised to be a large rain and wind event for us here in Maine. But, how much wind are talking? Lots. Lots of wind.

Take a look at Christian's WGME 13 wind tracker graphic for Friday afternoon at 4pm;

WGME Wind Tracker
WGME Wind Tracker

Bridges says that as for as the timeline for this storm in concerned, things begin to 'ramp up' on Thursday evening and through the overnight hours. He goes on to explain that as far as the peak wind gusts are concerned that Friday morning through the afternoon will be the worst.

Bridges says that people should also stay away from the ocean as 'enormous waves' and some coastal flooding is likely. Most areas of Maine can expect to see 1-3 inches of rain with this storm system and wind gusts well into the 60 mile per hour zone. The storm moves out on Friday night and temperatures will nose-dive into the Christmas weekend.

Both Central Maine Power and Versant will have crews on standby and ready to deploy if and when the power in your area goes out.

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