Bob Crowley, who won the 17th season of CBS' "Survivor", now uses what he learned on the show to raise money for charity.

According to WABI TV, for the last few years, Bob Crowley has been hosting a charity "Survivor" event in the woods of Durham, Maine.

This year, 60 applicants were whittled down to 18 competitors.  Those 18 will compete in 22 physical and mental challenges over the course of three days.  According to Crowley, the competitors come from a variety of backgrounds (one of this year's competitors is a morning news anchor).  Most, if not all, share a love for the CBS reality show - now in its 34th season.

Each of the 18 makes a $300 charity donation.  The money goes to help non-profits like: Boys & Girl Scouts, Special Olympians, and allows veterans to stay at Maine Forest Yurts, a 100-acre campground owned by Crowley.

Other former "Survivor" competitors frequently stop by the competition.  Richard Hatch, the first season winner, is there every year.

When Crowley won, about six years ago, he was the oldest (57 years old) winner the competition had ever had.


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