A Maine principal says she has 'done nothing wrong' following an incident that has left her on leave from the school she oversees.

According to an article published in the Kennebec Journal on Thursday evening, Wiscasset Middle School principal, Gina Stevens, has been placed on leave following the discovery of a 'hidden' camera in the school's food pantry.

Stevens was placed on leave from the school earlier this week following the discovery. She says that the camera was placed in the pantry due to a recent break-ins.

Stevens said in a statement,

“The door knob and locks have been replaced multiple times. Following the damage, requests were made to have a camera installed.”

Following the discovery of the camera, district Superintendent, Kim Andersson began an investigation into the matter.

Principal Stevens said in response to the launch of the investiation,

“She told me that she was asking for an investigation because a camera was installed and wasn’t notified. Documentation exists to show she did know prior to Oct. 3, 2023.”

Superintendent Andersson said in a statement about the matter,

“There was an investigation into a hidden camera in a classroom closet. The installation of the hidden camera was not approved by my predecessor or me. I had our legal counsel conduct the investigation given the seriousness of the situation and potential legal implications regarding the rights and safety of students and staff. The investigator spoke to multiple witnesses, including Ms. Stevens.”

Principal Stevens also said in part,

“I have only done my job appropriately and in line with expected leadership responsibilities. I pride myself on honesty, fairness and integrity, and I wish for this matter to be discussed in an open public forum.”

The superintendent's office said that the matter will be discussed in a private board meeting on the 13th of this month. This will happen before the scheduled public meeting that is set to happen the evening after on the 14th.

Until a final decision is made, Andersson said the school district’s administrative team is going to be sharing principal duties at the school for the time being.

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