Maine Recording artist Sydney Choate just dropped her hip-hop trio, DaCav's latest music video for "Let's Take A Walk."

DaCav via YouTube

DaCav was originally a 5 person group with the name DeCav5 featuring current members Mikey and B Roc. During their time as DeCav5, the group was honored with the MTV VMA for Best Breakout Philly Artist in 2009 according to Central Maine News. Sydney joined the remaining duo after singing with them in Virginia.

The video for "Let's Take A Walk" was shot partially in Las Vegas and the school scenes were shot at Richmond Middle and High School, where Sydney graduated from in 2013. Sydney also directed the video.

DaCav via YouTube

"Let's Take A Walk" displays a powerful anti-bullying message following one student around his school day from being picked on during the bus ride to school, to being pushed in gym class and bullies getting in his face in the hallway.

DaCav via YouTube

The end of the video is goosebump-inducing when a group of students rallies around the bullied student as the bullying statistic 280,000 students are physically attacked in school each month appears on the screen.

Sydney currently resides in Portland when she's not traveling with DeCav. She's even recording a solo album and plans to drop new music by July.

See the full video below: