Visiting the Maine State Aquarium is one of the fondest memories from my childhood, and I can't wait to return there with my own children now that it's reopened once again.

According to a Facebook post from The Maine State Aquarium, the place will reopen on Wednesday, June 26, as part of Boothbay Harbor's Windjammer Days.

The aquarium will be open to the public Wednesday through Sunday right through Labor Day Weekend.

That is plenty of time to plan a trip with the family.

Back in 2020, due to the COVID outbreak, the Maine State Aquarium was forced to close its doors to the public. Now, nearly four years later, the aquarium is reopening to the public for the season.

The aquarium has gone through some pretty significant renovations since its 2020 closure, and it has noted some of those changes on its Facebook page, including multiple updates, brand new exhibits and two 1,300-gallon touch tanks.

I remember visiting the aquarium just like it was yesterday. Every summer as a kid, we would all pile into the 1993 Subaru Loyale wagon and head to beautiful Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Our summer trips to Boothbay Harbor were always filled with a fun adventure. Whether it was walking across the iconic footbridge, getting taffy from the local taffy shop or going on one of Cap'n Fish's epic whale watches, memories were always made in Boothbay Harbor.

However, out of all the things our family ever did in Boothbay Harbor, my favorite thing to do while we were there was to visit the Maine State Aquarium. While it's not even close to the largest aquarium in New England, it's just big enough to provide a fun day of hands-on learning and exploring for kids and adults.

And now that it's back with some upgrades, I can't wait to go see it again.


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