I had seen some rumors about this on social media, but confirmed it tonight watching the 5 o'clock news on News Center Maine. With the new hands-free driving law that will take effect in September, Maine State Police are utilizing all their resources to make sure drivers are being as safe and alert as possible.

Sure, when we see that light blue Ford Explorer behind us on the highway, we know it's time to make sure we're doing EVERYTHING the right way, because it's probably a trooper behind us. But what about when we see an 18-wheeler cruising down the road? Well, we typically pay no mind to that.. well, ya should now! Maine State Police are using big rigs to ride up and down 95 and 295 with an elevated vantage point looking for people breaking the existing laws. So if you're on the road, and you're thinking you're in the clear to pick up your phone and read or send that text, think again- they're watching you!