OH Great!  I am not surprised but I hate seeing these things.

Incidents of Lyme disease: 86.4 per 100,000 Mainers and confirmed cases was 1,151 (8th Highest). Second on the list was Vermont with 78.1 per 100,000, followed by Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

Check out these stats from a MSN.com story on Lyme disease for 2016:

Incidence of Lyme disease: 86.4 per 100,000 residents
Confirmed cases: 1,151 (8th highest)
Pct. population rural: 61.3% (the most)
Pct. adults physically active: 78.6% (17th highest)

The report also found Maine was also more than 10 times higher than the national rate of 8.1 cases for every 100,000 residents. Maine has the greatest number of rural residents, so we are living and enjoying the areas where these little blood suckers live.

There were more than 26,000 confirmed cases of Lyme disease in the United States in 2016. Lyme is not the only disease that comes with ticks, there are other co-infections and they can be nasty.  And remember, not all tick bites have the bulls-eye rash.

Yes, those number are from 2016 so I am willing to bet things have not gotten better!

The best way to deal with Lyme or any of its co-infections is to not get bitten.  So, do tick checks, tuck you pants into the top of your socks, avoid tick habitat.  As for any sort of sprays...you have choices. I would suggest you do your research there are many options for what is best for you, your family, home and pets.

If you think you may have Lyme or any of the co-infections get tested and again do your research, stick with it, you know your body the best and keep looking for answers.

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