Let me break it down for you. Ticks in Maine are like those pesky family members that come to visit and never leave. Am I right?

They suck your blood, spread diseases, and leave you itching for days. They're the ultimate party crashers that we all wish they would just die off. However they are determined to continue to keep us up at night and now, they are spreading. Say what?

Well, according to Maine Public, the population of ticks in Maine are rising. Why? Well, this is due to the mild winter and recent heavy rain, with an increase in Lyme disease and Powassan virus. As the article states, the Maine CDC reported more than 2,600 cases of Lyme and four cases of Powassan virus last year which was the highest numbers in 10 years.

I have already seen a handful of them lately. One was inside the house already. They're so bold. The little guy just let himself into my home without my permission. How rude.

Dr. Rob Smith warns that since the spread of ticks that Lyme disease is on the rise and it's vital to be aware of symptoms, such as a rash at the bite site, as the article says.

In order to prevent these little blood suckers from getting any of your red stuff make sure you have EPA-approved repellent and stay on the trails if you go hiking. The clothes you wear are also super important. Pro tip- tuck your socks into your pants, hiding those sexy ankles from the vampires.

If you're curious about the various shapes and sizes of ticks, check out Maine Public's website because those little bloodsuckers come in more than one flavor ya'll.

Good luck out there.

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