This may sound awkward because normally you would expect this to happen in the winter months but there are an unlucky few of us that have become victims of this in the summer as well.

Summertime in Maine—the season of sunshine, beach trips, and... nosebleeds? Say what? Yes, folks, brace yourselves for the hilarity that ensues when the summer heat turns your nose into a fountain of red surprises.

Nosebleeds. Think about it, when the humidity is low and the air becomes really dry the nose starts to leak and the vampires close-in. It's so embarrassing. Recently my co-worker, Cooper Fox got a nosebleed at a concert. Not fun.

I used to joke that nosebleeds occurred because of the elevation but I am now learning that this is obviously not true. Maine may be a northern state but it's due to the dryness of the air.

According to Richmonds Air,

Low humidity means that the natural moisture of your nose is evaporated. The dryness can negatively affect the sensitive nasal blood vessels and, therefore, cause nosebleeds. While nosebleeds can have many causes, dry air is the most common.

So as you can see, once the temp rises and the air becomes drier than a cactus, our nostrils are caught in a battle against the elements and blasting impromptu blood shows for all to see.

Now, let me paint the scene for you of what happened to me today at Shaw's in Lewiston. I was looking at the romaine lettuce when it happened. Sheer panic set in as I realized that I was gushing blood all over myself. It was like Old Faithful, of shame. I took cover and ran to the car. Worst part, I left the lettuce.

It's never fun to be out in public having a grand old time and then the red Niagara Falls will hit your nose holes.

But, fear not, because I have tips and tricks according to Albany ENT Allergy Services,  below to help contain these blood shows for all to witness.

5 Tricks to Avoid Maine Summer Nosebleeds

Are you a victim of the embarrassing summer nosebleed? Here's what I found to help us out! 

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