I was getting ready for work this morning and had the news on. WABI reported that this year could be a doozy for ticks. C'mon, man. I thought last year was the worst tick season. Now, this.

Now, why could this be a possibility this year? Well, there are several factors, such as climate change, changes in land use, and the movement of the animals that the ticks are stowing away on.

Because of our mild winter, we're looking at an increase in good old ticks.

If we have an increase in ticks then we will also probably get a rise in disease.

According to The New York Times, Lyme disease isn't the only disease you have to look out for now.

Babesiosis is a tick-borne illness. It causes flu-like symptoms and maybe because of these two vital points that make ticks thrive, which are the increasing deer population and rising temps. Cases have reportedly more than doubled in some Northeastern states, reported by the CDC. 

The CDC says that babesiosis normally peaks during springtime in the northeast. That's us and that's now. So keep an eye out for ticks and be protective.

Maine was not considered a popular state for this illness before but now the number of cases has grown a lot with the highest numbers in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut, as the article states. 

Make sure you are preparing yourself for tick season in Maine because it may be a biggy.

Pull your socks up, avoid high grassy fields, treat your pets, and be vigilant about doing "tick checks" after playing or spending time in Maine's nature.

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