'Tis the season to get out on your summer toys and enjoy the Maine weather, am I right? Of course I am.

Especially with the weather warming to near record levels this week, we can expect to see lots of convertibles and motorcycles out enjoying this once-in-a-decade heat wave. And, though we preach it a lot, it's not just other drivers that need to be extra aware- Motorcycle riders need to be exercising increased caution this season as well.

According to an article that was published this morning (6-17-2024) by WMTW, the Maine Department of Transportation has reported that as of the 17th of June, there have been 136 crashes in Maine involving motorcycles already.

Of those crashes, the MDOT reported that 68 were in May and another 25 have happened in June. In those 136 crashes, the Maine Department of Transportation says that 10 were fatal and another 28 involved serious injuries.

On the heels of the reported crashes, one Maine town has issued a warning about a specific intersection that is likely to give motorcyclists some problems.

The town of Standish, Maine, has issued an advisory to area motorcyclists about the intersection of Cape Road and Saco Road. Officials say that the intersection, due to an earlier crash, has a large diesel fuel slick still on the ground.

WMTW continued in their reporting that town crews are still working on getting the slick cleaned up and resolved so that it's not an issue in the future.

The moral of the story? Whether you're riding a motorcycle of driving in a car, make sure you're using extra caution when you're out on the Maine roads this summer season.

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