We're not sure what is in the air with foxes in the state of Maine but it seems like every week we are reporting on a new story of a Mainer having to get physical with these orange little animals.

According to the KJ, 37 year old Ruth Watson of Gray is undergoing rabies treatments after she was approached and subsequently attacked by a fox while she was in her Garden.

She originally noticed the fox coming out of the woods and walking towards her. She and her husband have chickens, so seeing foxes isn't an unusual occurrence. Normally, all she has to do is dart at them and yell and they run back off into the woods scared. Not this one.

Ruth says she went to scare the fox away and instead of running away it actually ran at her. That's when the physical altercation began. Ruth wrestled and choked the fox until she was finally able to get it into a pot she uses for scalding birds before de-feathering them.

After all this she called her husband and told him to come home from work, and then called 911. She was taken to Mercy hospital via ambulance for immediate rabies treatment due to scratches and bites from the fox.

The fox was trapped and taken by officials to Augusta for testing. No word on whether the fox has tested positive for rabies or not at this time.

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