Remember last fall when there was all this focus on absentee ballots; requesting them, returning them, and counting them? I have been one of those Mainers who has used the absentee system for years, each election I would need to request the ballot and as long all my information matched it would be sent to me.  I had issues after I sold my house and had to update my info to vote but I worked that out.

Now there is an effort to be let you set your status as an absentee voter for ALL upcoming elections. If this passes and is accepted in Maine if you set your status to absentee it would stay that way until you changed it back.  Many feel this would make voting more accessible to Mainers.

According to the story at there would need to be some upgrades needed in the technology to create and maintain this list but that could be done and could be in place by 2023 if this goes as planned.

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