Some Mainers may need to file amended 2017 state income tax returns because the state tax code was not changed to reflect changes to the federal tax code.

According to a tax alert from Maine Revenue Services, "although most of the federal changes apply to tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2018, there are some changes that affect tax years beginning with tax year 2017.  This will require many taxpayers who have already filed their 2017 Maine income tax returns to amend those returns."

The Maine Revenue Service said it expects to let taxpayers know within the next six weeks as to who needs to amend their 2017 returns and "the procedures to be used to correctly file 2017 Maine income tax returns, amend 2017 Maine income tax returns already filed, and make changes to 2018 Maine estimated tax and withholding payments.  MRS anticipates that taxpayers will be able to use their existing tax software to file any necessary amended Maine income tax returns."


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