The man we all know and love is looking to expand his exotic animal empire!

Mr. Drew has exploded onto the scene with his love of exotic animals and reptiles.

He has educated so many members of the community and invited thousands of Maine children and families to learn about his passion for the exotic animals he has rescued and rehabilitated.

He shows us the care and compassion he has for them, but he is outgrowing his space. His rescue center is located in the Pepperell Mill Building at 550 Lisbon Street in Lewiston.

It is not large enough anymore to house his exotic animals, and he needs and deserves more space!

According to WGME, he's looking to expand to over 5,000 thousand square feet, which is triple what he has now.

Mr. Drew has brought something to Maine that we will always be grateful for. He has helped people overcome their fears of reptiles and spiders and has also broadened all of our overall learning with animals.

I have been lucky enough to visit Mr. Drew numerous times, and I can also concur that he certainly needs more space so he can continue to offer this incredibly rare experience to all who visit.

According to the Sun Journal, Mr. Drew's center takes up nearly 2,000 square feet on two separate floors. He has been rescuing and rehabilitating these animals in this space since 2018 and has certainly outgrown it. With the number of animals he's taking in is raising, space is vital.

Mr. Drew was interviewed by WGME, and he mentioned that many other centers do not let you touch the animals, but at his place, you are allowed to touch and experience the animals.

I was able to hold a snake, tortoise and a tarantula and without the ability to touch them, I would not have learned as much or had such a unique experience.

Mr. Drew really wants everyone to be immersed in the experience he and his animals offer. He is continuously taking new animals in to rescue and rehabilitate and that place is getting packed.

It's time for Mr. Drew to go bigger and better, and I can't wait to see what else he has in store for all of us!

To check out Mr. Drew & His Animals Too, visit his Facebook Page. 

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