Come close and listen to this heroically local story that brings you all the good feels.

State Police Northampton Barracks Trooper Timothy Martin was done his day shift and started to drive home on I-91 South in Holyoke, Massachusetts, according to a FB post on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page. 

But it wasn't a quiet or smooth drive because suddenly a big traffic jam caught his attention. This prompted the Ttooper to investigate what was going on.

To his surprise, a little baby fawn, just around a week old was alone and stranded in the middle of the road, the FB post noted, and there were several concerned motorists that had gathered to try and corral the frightened animal.

Trooper Martin knew that the situation needed to be handled and like all superheroes, he jumped into action. He swiftly maneuvered his way to the front of the traffic, according to the state police.

But remember, this is I-91, and the danger that the high-speed traffic posed could have been a big problem.

Side note: Trooper Martin is extremely athletic. He used to be the team captain of dodgeball and he admired New England's Pat's wide receiver, Tyquan Thornton, according to the FB post.

So he embodied his athletic nature and his favorite sportsperson and formed a protective barrier, preventing the fawn from heading into the oncoming traffic.

He moved fast and was able to grab little Bambi, successfully, police said.

The little one is now in custody and was safely brought back to his mother who had apparently leaped over a high fence next to the highway.

Massachusetts State Police via Facebook
Massachusetts State Police via Facebook

This is so heartwarming and reminds us that when an animal needs rescuing, we all work together to keep our New England wildlife safe!

This is one animal rescue for the books!

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