When it comes to outdoor sports, Britt Humphrey of New Gloucester epitomizes everything an outdoor woman in the state of Maine is! She loves to hunt deer, moose, grouse and turkey. She enjoys fishing. She's good at everything she does. She is also Maine's FIRST Miss Maine Sportsman, as voted on by attendees of the Maine Sportsman's Show at the Augusta Civic Center last weekend! The contest was put on by The Maine Sportsman magazine and was the brainchild of another Brittany, Brittany McLaughlin.

Britt tells me her most challenging animal to hunt is the elusive White Tail Deer. In fact, it's a year-round project for her. Using game cameras and scouting, she observes the habits of the game and, if she does her homework well, she'll increase her chances of being successful. So far, so good. She's gotten a deer every year, save for one, since she was ten-years-old. Now 24, Brittany looks back with pride at all the meat she's put in the family freezer!

For grouse, she uses a standard shotgun and is joined by her three-year-old chocolate lab, Umpi (after her school, the University of Maine at Presque Isle). Umpi was a gift for her college graduation and loves to hunt! For deer, she utilizes her Remington Woodmaster .308 rifle and for her most recent moose (2013) she used a bow and arrow. Pretty impressive! The other moose she got was in 2007 with her trusty .308.

Moose Hunt
2013 Moose Hunt

Britanny also loves to fish! She ice fishes from a new fiberglass shack she and her dad built, which is light enough for her to pull out on to the ice by herself. When she lake and pond fishes, she likes to use her spinning rod and reel to catch small mouth bass and brook trout and will, occasionally, do some trolling. From Greenville area ponds to Moxie Lake to Little Sebago, she fishes all over the great state of Maine.

Ice fishing
Successful Ice fishing adventure in her new shack!

In addition to all of the hunting and fishing she does, Britt loves to camp in the summer (old school, in a tent) and snowshoe in the winter.

This girl is a TRUE Maine outdoors woman and I can't think of a better person to serve all of us as the state's first Miss Maine Sportsman. She lives the life and she's got more than stories...she has photo evidence to prove it (unlike some sports "men" I know ;-) )

Brittany will be speaking at sporting gatherings throughout the year and plans to write articles for sporting magazines.