If you're a Mainer, chances are you love the outdoors and hunting or fishing or trapping or all of the above! This weekend is the time for you to visit the Augusta Civic Center and satisfy your appetite for all things "outdoors." This year, there's something new, too. Something that, I think, is PERFECT for the times we're living in....

Brittany McLaughlin, who handles subscriptions and game clubs for The Maine Sportsman (FACEBOOK) Magazine, came up with the idea for the first ever, "Miss Maine Sportsman," with women who are involved in hunting and such participating. See the finalists on Facebook and vote for your favorite at the show this weekend.

Personally, I LOVE the fact that Maine is taking the initiative to promote women in outdoor sports because, as anyone who reads my ramblings knows, I am a huge proponent of the right to bear firearms (and a vehement promoter of women who carry guns) and have committed a good chunk of my life to promote such.

Listen to The Maine Sportsman general manager, Kelly Allen and some of the contestants who were on the show with us this morning!

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