In a thrilling adventure, a talented Mainer traveled far from the familiar coastlines of Maine to the waters of Michigan in search of... a fish.

That's right!

He had his fishing rod in hand and set out on a fish quest.

His name is Todd Stevens. He shared with me that he is a Maine fishing guide who is passionate about travel and fishing. Todd lives in New Portland and fishes all over the place!

Todd recently decided to adventure out to experience what the Pere Marquette had to offer. The Pere Marquette is a grand river in Michigan where Chinook Salmon gather, according to Betts Guide Services. This type of salmon is a mighty big fish and they swim through the river with super strength.

The river gives those who fish it an extraordinary opportunity to catch grand fish like the King Salmon, Coho, Lake Trout, Lake Run Brown Trout, and even a Walleye.

However, it's not easy peasy to catch these big guys. Skill and talent are required to capture a fish like this.

Against all odds, victory was claimed.

Todd caught the biggest monster-of-a-fish on this epic river, and his smile shows just how excited he is!

Todd Stevens via Michigan Outdoors Report via Facebook
Todd Stevens via Michigan Outdoors Report via Facebook

A magnificent creature to say the least. This Mainer's determination and the excitement of the natural world is very obvious.

And how's the fish doing?

Todd told me, saying, "As far as the fish goes he’s still swimming!"

The announcement of his extraordinary journey spread like wildfire all the way back here to Maine through Michigan Outdoors Report where his fishing success was proudly posted.

Todd serves as a reminder that there are no limits to what we can do if we have passion behind it.

So, fellow Maine adventurers, let us raise our rods high to celebrate the spirit of exploration...and fish!

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