Allow me to introduce you to the captivating tale of Charlotte the Stingray.

Prepare to be super intrigued, because Charlotte finds herself in a remarkable situation.  Despite not having encountered a male stingray for eight years, she is now pregnant. How did this come to pass?

Trust and believe that there are theories on this, with the next one being even more fascinating than the last.

Charlotte's story has captured the nation, and here in Maine, we are pulled in by her unexplainable pregnancy. So much so that even I have found myself involved in a fun group chat with friends. We are all awaiting news of when Charlotte will give birth to her little messiahs.

According to Wired, Charlotte is in a tank in Hendersonville, North Carolina. If you want to follow her journey, head over to Aquarium & Shark Lab by Team ECCO on Facebook.

Experts are saying that the two top theories that put Charlotte in this position are either  immaculate conception or a shark.

There were two sharks in her tank before they uncovered that she was pregnant. However, this is unnatural, and sharks and stingrays don't normally mate.

As the articles states, the most probable explanation for her miraculous pregnancy is called parthenogenesis.

In simple terms, it means that Charlotte simply impregnated herself.

Yo Charlotte, Jesus called and he wants his vibe back. I digress.

While this process of immaculate conception is more common in plants and certain animals without backbones, it does happen to animals like Charlotte, who are also captive.

We are all so very intrigued to see if Charlotte will have baby messiah stingrays or baby "shark rays".

Now normally, the gestation period for a stingray is three to four months, according to Csulb.

At this point, we are waiting for her to give birth at any moment, and the entire state of Maine is captivated!

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