From squirrels causing power outages at the Portland Jetport to raccoons wreaking havoc in my Maine basement, what is this world coming to?

It seems our Maine rodents have taken their antics to a new level, and are determined to invade our homes. This is exactly what's happening to me. We have a raccoon that has decided to move into our Lewiston home. I named him Rutherford the Raccoon.

For some time now, we've woken up to find our trash can overturned and our garbage laid out everywhere. That's been fun to clean up.

Here's the Facebook post featuring the security camera footage of our new friend.

Because we have outside security cameras, we decided to take a peek and see if we could spot this intruder.

There he was, with his big booty just walking around our porch. We found the culprit! But what do we do to try and evict Rutherford?

The Bug Masters say that you should seal off any entry points to your house.

My problem is that we do currently have an opening, and are in the process of fixing it. So we are going to put up some baby gates to seal it.

However, Rutherford is a plus-sized raccoon and seems pretty strong, so I am afraid that even if we try to seal the entryway, he will still find a way in.

What then?

Use Light, Sound, and Smell

According to the site, turning on the light will help to deter a raccoon. Playing a radio in the basement will likely keep them away, since they dislike sound. Additionally, soaking rags in apple cider vinegar and placing them in corners can help in conjunction with the light and sound.

If sealing, sound, smell, and lights don't work, call your local pest control!

I love animals, but they can't be allowed to wreck my house!

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