I had a learning moment recently, and it came while I was buying a new car…the car insurance grace period.  

I learned that we have this car insurance grace period in Maine to get the new ride on the policy. If you are an insured driver and get a new vehicle, you have a bit of a grace period to add the new purchase to your policy. 

I learned about it as I was buying a new car and saying I needed to call my insurance agent to put the new car on the policy before taking it. The dealership was the one to tell me about this tip.  

I am not big on the car purchasing process, so I avoid it like the plague. Until recently, most of my purchases have been made in private sales or from very small dealerships, but the last few have been from a regular car dealership. However, the insurance thing had just worked out before. 

WalletHub.com said it could be anywhere from 2 to 30 days, but I would not let this linger. Each insurance company sets its own limits. But when I called my insurance agent to put this new car on my policy, I asked, and he said it is best to contact your insurance agent the next business day. That way, you know you are all set.  

If you are car shopping, you might just check in with your insurance company to make sure you know what your situation is, so when you find the perfect car and it is after business hours or a Saturday, you know exactly where you stand. It’s a big purchase; you want to be sure you have that covered.  

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