The Maine Wildlife Park in Gray is opening for the season on April 15th and just like last year you will need to pop on their website and make your reservation for your arrival time.  There is no fee for the reservation but when you get to the gate you still have to pay the entry fee. The fee is $10 and under depending on age. You do not need a bunch of reservations for a group, one reservation is good for up to 10 people.

I had a ball last year when I went to the Maine Wildlife Park there were fewer people than normal so I found it very enjoyable.  They did have some modifications to create a ‘flow of traffic’ for visitors in the park.  There are some limited services compared to previous years due to COVID restrictions, very clean rooms and they do ask if you are not feeling well…please do not come to the park.  Wait until you are feeling better and come and enjoy.  Of course, there will be the physical distancing and face mask requirement and you might want to bring a snack and a beverage since the snack shack is only open at certain times, and after any outdoor experience do a tick-check.

I did a staycation week last summer and this was one of my adventures and I had a great time.  What I did not realize when I went in was the snack shack would be closed but I managed to survive but if you are going in with kids you might want to either bring those snacks or be very sure the snack shack is open.

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