Sharks in Maine waters are nothing new around here. However, fatal shark attacks are. Last year Maine recorded it's first ever fatal shark attack when a 63-year-old seasonal resident from New York was attacked and killed by a Great White off of Bailey Island.

Since then, shark researchers have had an ever-growing interest in studying sharks in Maine waters. According to WGME 13, shark experts are already preparing for another summer of study here in Maine. As a matter of fact, they've already had their first sighting of the 2021 season seeing a Basking Shark off of Herring Cove.

The group, formed last year, is called the New England White Shark Research Consortium and is comprised of researchers from around Maine and beyond. The group says that people can avoid tragedies like the one that happened last year by following some basic swimming safety tips like avoiding swimming alone during sunrise and sunset. Also it's crucial to pay attention to seals in the area as it's a common source of food for many shark species, including Great Whites.

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