Sad news for one community in Massachusetts after one of their teen residents participated in a viral challenge online that caused his death.

According to WABI, the family of 14-year-old Harris Wolobah say that he participated in the 'One Chip Challenge' online, which means many teens and other followers are eating tortilla chips that are so spiced-up with some of the worlds hottest peppers.

Tragically, after consuming one of these chips, he passed away several hours afterward. As the article states, his family believes that is in fact what he died from.

Many popular YouTubers and folks around the nation are taking part in this challenge.

According to the article, police say that currently, it's premature to report on whether consuming the chip played a role in Harris' death or not.

However, the medical professionals emphasize that when individuals ingest capsaicin, which is a naturally occurring ingredient in the peppers in the chip, the side effects can have significant risks.

Dr. Lauren Rice- Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Tuffs Medical Center says,

“Sometimes we see people that will have a lot of chest pain, or they’ll experience things like palpitations as well. So, a whole variety of issues that we’re seeing with this ‘One Chip Challenge,’”

The chips are called Paqui and on their website is an official challenge for consumers saying,

"Made with two of the spiciest chili peppers in the world, the Carolina Reaper Pepper and Scorpion Pepper, this straight-from-hell chip now turns your tongue blue as a badge of honor to prove you completed the challenge!"

This company is officially challenging folks to eat their spiciest chips with the hashtag of #onechipchallenge.

The chip bag does clearly display a warning that it is not good for children. The Paqui brand's website also includes a caution, advising people taking part in the challenge to seek medical help if they run into issues like breathing difficulties, fainting, or prolonged nausea.

As a mother of a young boy who watched YouTube and is aware of viral challenges, it freaks me out to think that this is something any of our kids could unknowingly get into.

Be cautious and make sure to be vigilant with the challenges that are going around online.

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