Congratulations to the Medomak Middle School students who are part of the 'State of Maine First Place Science Olympiad Team!' A large group of team members were in this morning to chat with us including the two on-air spokeskids, Katrina Williams and Kaleb Savage. Please help them quickly raise the money needed to travel to nationals in Dayton, Ohio at Wright State University on May 17 and 18!

There are a couple of ways to help out. The easiest way is to take your returnables back to one of three drop off spots: Waldoboro Redemption, Townline Video Plus/Redemption or Andes Variety & Take Out/Redemption. Please specify that your returnables are to be used for the Science Olympiad team.

Another way is to make a donation to the team through their "Thousand Miles to Dayton" fundraiser. You can sponsor a mile for just $15 and it doesn't matter if you're an individual or business, according to student Antyna Gould and her mom, Mindy. It also doesn't matter if you're from Waldoboro or East Podunk. These bright kids are representing our entire state!

There is also an incentive for businesses to become sponsors and get their name on the lab coats the kids will wear to Dayton. Wicked cool, if you ask me. Get all the details at their Facebook page and help them get funded now so they can get down to the business of preparing for their next challenge on the national stage!

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