I'm sitting here at home alone tonight when a breeze, a chilly one, blows through the window. It's 7 o'clock and getting dark. I remember, like yesterday, anticipating the longest day of the year, when it would be daylight until almost 9pm. What happened?

I sit in silence, darkness falls,
A breeze blows as an owl calls;
The smell of Autumn in the air,
As traffic flows toward Windsor Fair;
I feel the summer slipping by,
Too quickly, now, the time does fly;
The children are all back in school,
There’s no more swimming in the pool;
The leaves have now begun to fall,
Will summer make a curtain call?
The only thing that we can know,
It won’t be long ‘til there is snow;
And while the winter lovers thrive,
The rest just hope to stay alive;
Because they’re certain of one thing,
That winter will give birth to spring.

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