According to WGME, Rosie Rivera, a longtime waitress at Rockport's Offshore Restaurant, recently got a tip for nearly two thousand dollars.

The tip of $1,740 came from a party of 19, who came to the restaurant for breakfast one morning earlier this week.  When Rosie took their order, they asked for only one check.  After finishing their meal, one of the party handed her the guest check booklet filled with cash.  As she opened the booklet and started to count the money, Rosie realized there was something wrong.  There was a stack of $50s and $100s.  Way more than there should be.

Rosie knew a few people in the group, so she reached out to them to ask about the massive tip.  She found out it was part of their "Operation Christmas Magic".

The huge tip could not have come at a better time.  Rivera just found out that she would need to make $1,000 in repairs to her SUV for the vehicle to pass inspection.

Rosie plans to donate whatever remains after the repairs are made to charity, with $100 of that going back to "Operation Christmas Magic".

Rivera said it was, "It was a real Christmas miracle. It was."

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