I have always stood in awe of our veterans. Travis Mills is one who I look up to for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is the adversity he's overcome to live a truly meaningful life.

The fact that Travis is a quadruple amputee thanks to an IED (improvised explosive device) in Afghanistan has done anything but slow him down.

Recovery from the 2012 tragedy was long and hard but Travis wasn't going to let his condition define him.

Now, when I hear the name Travis Mills, I think of American soldiers who will benefit from all the work he's put into raising money and awareness for the foundation created in his name.The Travis Mills Foundation is the organization that will benefit from the annual 'Miles for Mills' 5K road race this Memorial Day in Augusta.

Travis is an upbeat guy who loves life, loves to laugh and make jokes and asks for no pity. In fact, his self-deprecating brand of humor makes me realize that self-pity is really for those with no vision...with no ability to look forward to what might be if only they have a dream to follow.

He is proof positive that you can make lemonade from lemons. And hearing him refer to the accident that took his limbs and nearly took his life as, "a bad day," helps me look at my bad days with a little more optimism.

Travis Mills has created a life for himself, family, friends and fellow veterans that will leave a wonderful legacy forever and makes me proud to know such a great American.

Travis Mills and Tricia Harriman from 'Mills for Miles' joined us on the Moose Morning Show!

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