Minor League baseball is often the place to find some of the most exciting plays of the year. Thankfully, those plays are available to watch online. It's much easier than fighting the massive crowds that pack minor league stadiums across the US.

Take for example this steal of home at a recent Buffalo Bisons game. In a game against Norfolk, Bisons' outfielder Anthony Gose steals home in the first inning and the crowd of a few goes bonkers. It's a very exciting play. You can tell by the way the announcer orgasms in the booth.

If you were in the stadium, you might have missed the whole play, because you'd be too busy talking to Larry in his seat across the empty stadium.

"Larry did you see that!"
"Yes! Didn't you hear me clapping?"
"Oh, yeah, I suppose that was you considering we're the only two people here."

You and Larry --  alone at minor league games since 1999.

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