In a world where acts of kindness sometimes go unnoticed, young people like Michael from Scoops for Troops shine brightly and remind us how important it is to give back.

At just nine years old, Michael Ahern found a way to honor and assist veterans with Scoops for Troops. Their mission? To provide direct aid and appreciation to those who have served our country.

I was lucky enough to meet Michael and his family at the Travis Mills open house a couple weeks ago in Rome, Maine.

I walked up to this tent and saw a very proud father who wanted to fill me in on what his son did. Scoops for Troops operates on a very simple idea: delivering love through ice cream.

When Michael was just eight years old, he wrote a heartfelt letter to Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, expressing his desire to raise funds for recalibrated veterans.

As his birthday approached, Michael shared his goal of raising $400 to support the children of veterans who visit the retreat each week. It's a touching example of a young boy's compassion and determination to make a difference.

"This is my way of saying thank you to the kids for having hero parents," he said.

Scoops for Troops
Scoops for Troops

Michael is a teenage now, and Scoops for Troops has raised over $75,000 and has become a registered 501(c)(3) organization. This nonprofit partners with local ice cream spots across the United States, organizing events where a portion of sales benefit veterans' causes!

As a child, your dreams are big, and you should always make sure to continue to reach for them. Michael's parents were a bit shocked at first by how much money Michael set out to raise, but they quickly realized they were going to support his dream. Because of that support, Michael was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor Youth Services Award. 

Please visit this amazing website and support Michael and his dream.

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