I've always been on the fence about pageants. I know they're not just about beauty, they're also about talent, integrity and intelligence but at the same time, you won't be in the running if you don't fit the mold.  On other hand I can understand the draw and fascination. The big pageants are really one of if not America's oldest reality shows.

Now that my editorial is out of the way, tonight is the Miss USA pageant. Of course as a guy I went to look at the pictures and bios. I was also comparing everyone to Miss Maine. Her name is Samantha (Sammy) Dahlborg, she's 20 and is representing Gorham, ME.

I'm sold, as a guy looking and judging (with tongue wagging) I think she has a shot at winning. For more on Miss Maine contesting for Miss USA, check her bio here.

I may just watch, (a) because of the ladies and (b) because I think I just need a break from the Red Sox! Miss USA is on NBC, that's channel 2 or 6 locally and starts at 8 pm.