I don't know about you but I love to support local, indie businesses who create, produce, market, and sell all of their products. It's so very important to continue to raise up our local entrepreneurs to continue to put money back into Maine.

I have uncovered two super hero's, who are caring for our planet and even more specifically our beautiful state's ocean by "putting the environment above profits."

When I cam across their local indie business and saw what they were doing, I had to share it with you.

Inspiring Mom & Daughter team, Claire and Clary Weinberg are helping to save the planet with one seaweed at a time. I was completely unaware until today that you can do anything expect run away from seaweed when it gets stuck between your toes in the ocean, but I was very wrong.

Claire and Carly grow and harvest their own seaweed as well as botanicals straight from their own island farm in Maine. In essence, they transform seaweed/botanicals into healthcare and skincare products.

It is so enlightening when people take something ugly and turn it into something helpful and beautiful for mother nature.

Claire and Carly say on their website,

"When you purchase from Dulse & Rugosa you're not simply supporting a small indie business but a family farm, a Maine seaweed harvester and a business that puts the environment above profits.  We work for cleaner oceans and a balanced planet."

It's refreshing to see artisan products coming locally out of Goff Island which is located near Acadia National Park.

Their artisan skin care is involved in several different products including haircare, healthy faces, and skin. The seaweed is transformed into shampoo bars and body scrub to name a couple.

What's even more fantastic is that this seems to not only be geared toward woman's needs, because they also offer beard and scalp oil, so unless your a bald-bearded woman, this duo produces care for all genders!

Seaweed is a staple in Maine and now, at least for me, it is something that can be useful to make you feel good about yourself!

Check out their website here and support their fight to cleanse the oceans and take care of what is most important, our world.

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