I was on vacation some years ago when I was just driving around alone (as I like to do), looking for a place to get lunch.  As is often the case, serendipity played a role in my finding a little bar and grill called "Rollie's (long 'oh' sound)" in Belfast....

I love small town tavern/restaurants and Rollie's seemed like the perfect stop as soon as I was inside.  The staff was friendly, the service was fast and the food was great!  I haven't had a bad experience there since I've been going and it has become a favorite of my family and several friends.

When I got back from vacation, I was eager to tell the story so I wrote a song about my experience called 'Hungry Jon' (Audio Below).  The Sequel was entitled, 'Mug #4' (Audio Below), after I got my lifetime mug club membership from, then owner, Randy (and Tara) Cook.  They currently serve in Afghanistan and I thank them for their service!  Ryan Otis, the current owner, is a great guy and can often be seen in the restaurant working alongside the staff.

When you go to Belfast, Rollie's is a MUST.  It is classic downtown Belfast and the atmosphere is warm, friendly and a bit on the loud side, which I love.

There are big screen tvs, a juke box with hundreds of albums, continuous trivia (played with a wireless controller from your table) and some of the best pub food you've ever had...from pizza to burgers to hand cut fries to fish n chips.  Oh, I LOVE the buffalo chicken tenders (don't skimp on the, oh so chunky, blue cheese dressing!)!

Best of all, the staff is always friendly and smiling.  Shelley, Ashley, Leah, Katie and all the rest are a welcome sight when you're ready to kick back, relax and just enjoy yourself for awhile.

Hungry Jon

Mug #4

There are a few of the reasons Rollie's is a favorite place of mine.  And I'll leave you with a little inside info.  When you hear the loud bell (rung by hand by the wait staff), that means someone left a good tip.  Personally, I need to hear that bell ring when I leave.  That way I know that THEY know I was very satisfied with my Rollie's experience.  They've never let me down!