I'm not proud of myself. Not even a little bit. I mean, what kind of example have I been setting for my kids over the last few months by not getting my daily Dunkin'?!

Okay, so in all actuality even though it has been four months since I visited a Dunkin' for my french vanilla cold brew, I have been drinking Dunkin' coffee. I start each day with a delicious Dunkin' original blend K-cup. It literally gives me life.

Even though we're just talking about a cup of coffee here, it really makes you think. You gotta think about the bigger picture. Not just about coffee or Dunkin', but about all items frequently purchased at all kinds of local businesses. How many other people stopped doing regular things at businesses here in Central Maine? Probably thousands. The revenue that was probably lost just here in Kennebec County? Probably millions.

I guess my point here is now that things are slowly getting back to some kind of a weird normal, we should do our absolute best to get back into those routines we had prior to quarantine. It's not just important to our overall well being and sanity, but also vital to those businesses that rely on our spending habits.

Whether it be Dunkin' or another business here in Central Maine. If you've been putting off a trip to a Maine business, now is the time to get back out and spend some of that stimulus money. You deserve it- and so do our wonderful businesses here in Central Maine.

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