For millions of children around the world. Harry Potter has become an icon of pure childhood adventure. However, for some, the book was no more than a background to the movies. I was one of those kids; a fake Potter fan. I had seen all the films, dressed as Hermione for Halloween and even been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and lived to tell the tail. So, it comes to the surprise of many that I have never read the books. A travesty that this summer I plan to once and for all, correct.

Reading the series has always been something that I have thought about doing but never done. I honestly have thought that if I read the books than I would be disappointed by the movies. Nonetheless, I have decided it was time (at the age of 19) to start the series that my best friend lives by. Needing a way to be accountable to this quest; I have set a goal to be halfway through the series by July 25th. Whether or not I can accomplish this has yet to be seen, but one thing I know to be true is that I will finish all nine books by August 27th.

So, I invite all my readers to read along with me. If it is your first time than I wish you the best and hope you get something as magical as I plan too, by reading these books. If you are an old-time Potter fan than I implore you to take the book off the dusty shelf, give it a waveand be welcomed back to the place you once knew as a kid. Maybe, you too will learn the power of Hogwarts.

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